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It is always a pleasure to work with Ross. He is friendly, calm and creative. I know I can rely on him to deliver high quality written work. He always thinks about his readers – our target audiences – and finds a way to write content in an engaging way for them.

I have worked with Ross for several years, and I know I can rely on him to deliver great content, from simple media invitations to the most complex white papers. A lot of the topics we work on are technically complex and he is able to translate this into simple, interesting content. He is quick to respond, dependable and delivers at a consistently high level.

Ross always understands what we are trying to achieve without the need for long, detailed briefs, and knows how to get our message across in an interesting and compelling way – and the first draft is usually very close to the final draft.

Ross is a true expert in healthcare and pharma and provides you with a compelling story with convincing logic and an engaging flow. He always goes the extra mile to polish an already great first deliverable into a final highest quality end product.